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Dull and Dirty Glass

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Glass despite appearances is a rough surface. It is into this surface that dirt, salt and grime can attach its self to. As a result, windows and other glass surfaces look dull and dirty. They have lost their bright lustre and sparkle.

The ClearShield™ glass treatment system has over 35 years of experience in restoring and protecting glass surfaces. This unique system is perfect for cleaning, renovating and protecting glass, giving its sparkle back whilst at the same time protecting it against alkaline and organic pollutants.

More Daylight and Lower Costs

Canny Case Studies Glass Before and After

Thanks to the cleaning and renovating power of Canny, there’s no need to replace affected or damaged glass. After a thorough clean the dirt and grime is removed, there’s more daylight and damage is repaired.

The permanent molecular bonding of ClearShield™ with the glass surface protects the material.

The glass remains cleaner for longer and is now relatively low maintenance. This not only represents a saving on your maintenance costs, but is also less damaging to the environment.