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As the popularity of natural stone grows each year, it increases the need for extra care and maintenance. There are many types of natural stone the main ones being Marble, Granite, Travertine, Limestone, and Sandstone. The varieties of stone, the abundance of colours, the rich look and textures of natural stone increase the basic needs of caring for natural stone after installation. When new Natural stone offers a luxurious finish that is second to none. If this isn’t maintained correctly the finish can quickly dull and lose its lustre.

The fabrication of the stone will affect its porosity and its appearance. There are many types of textures applied but the more popularly used fabrication methods applied to stone are.


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A glossy, highly reflective surface:

  • Surface is very smooth and not very porous
  • Polished crystals bring out brilliant colours and grains (400 to 3500 grit to polish stone)
  • Shine comes from the natural reflection of the stone’s crystals
  • Polish can wear away due to heavy foot traffic and improper maintenance


A slightly rough texture that is achieved by tumbling small pieces of marble, limestone or granite to achieve an old-world/worn appearance.


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A flat matte to low sheen gloss:

  • Surface is very smooth, but very porous
  • Many more and wider gaps in surface than polished stone
  • Medium density
  • Commonly used in low traffic areas or for aesthetics
  • Colours are not as vibrant as a polished stone