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Weathering Steel and Aluminium

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Powder coated steel and aluminium are not resistant to weathering and the effects of pollution. These materials can corrode quickly, with stains and signs of leakage becoming visible. In the worst case the powdering becomes pale. The surface loses its gloss and original appearance.

Cleaning, Renovating and Protecting

We have years of experience in cleaning, renovating and protecting these fragile materials. The RiteCoat R625 System™ will remove damage caused by pollution and the weathering of powder coated steel and aluminium. Once applied it restores the powder coating back to its original appearance. A durable protective layer then prevents the surface from being quickly re-affected.

Savings For Your Firm

RiteCoat® ensures that weathering stops. Better still, replacement or re-painting is not necessary. This gives your company considerable savings. By restoring the original lustre and colour there’s an improvement in appearance and thanks to some powerful adhesion the surface is protected for the long term. The smooth finish reduces contamination and maintenance. This is not only a savings on your maintenance costs but also less damaging to the environment.

We guarantee that our system improves the look of powder coated steel and aluminium. The surface stays clean longer and requires less maintenance. Your investment in Canny is earned back very quickly!