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The Impact of Climate

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Due to its modern and attractive appearance, stainless steel is widely used in buildings, both inside and outside. It is also used in places where there are strict hygiene requirements, such as in the hospitality and health care sectors. Unfortunately, stainless steel is susceptible to climatic conditions (sea breezes in particular) or iron particles from nearby railways (causing flash or surface rust). Stainless steel is also ‘maintenance sensitive’, because stains, streaks andfingerprints are difficult to remove. Such marks disfigure the appearance of the material.

Durable Protection

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Canny works with powerful cleaning agents so that all contamination even flash rust, is removed. Treating stainless steel with our Rite Coat R625 System ™ creates a durable protection against corrosion, streaks and fingerprints no longer making them visible.

Treatment with Rite Coat R625® prevents rust and keeps the surface cleaner for longer. The smooth finish allows for quick cleaning and less maintenance. This not only saves on maintenance costs but it is also less damaging to the environment.

Thanks to our unique renovation system, affected stainless steel is restored its original appearance. We guarantee that the stainless steel, after treatment by Canny, will need less maintenance and stay clean for longer. Your investment in Canny is earned back very quickly!