Hotel Bathroom Restorations To Impress Your Guests

When it comes to hotel bathrooms, mould and stains can be a real turn-off for guests. First impressions count and a hotel bathroom restoration can make a huge difference. Renovation takes time and money, that’s why it’s important to choose reliable, cost-effective restoration solutions that can take place during normal business operations.

bathroom restoration before and after

Owning a hotel, vacation rental or even a small B&B requires a lot of hard work, time and energy. You take pride in your property and the facilities you offer and want guests to feel special as soon as they arrive. That means keeping everything in tip-top shape.  

One of the main areas that can influence customers’ overall experience is the bathroom. While it might be viewed as an afterthought, guests want a comfort level above what they have in their own home. 

And a good customer experience means good reviews and the likelihood of them coming back.

Quick, Easy and Affordable Bathroom Restorations

At some point, all properties begin to look old and dated. Hotel bathrooms are especially prone to showing their age, which can make the room as a whole feel unclean. That’s the point when the bathroom needs some serious attention. It’s important to maintain a high level of cleanliness, not only for comfort but to ensure a healthy environment.

Unfortunately, once dirt and bacteria invade the bathroom, it’s near impossible to get it sparkling clean without professional help. If you’ve been putting off getting work done for fear of the cost or disturbance to guests, rest assured you don’t need to deal with all that dust and noise to get your bathrooms looking good again. When it comes to tired-looking bathrooms, restoration is an easier, quicker and more affordable alternative to a renovation. Sometimes, it can even be the better option, especially for historic properties. 
Our professional hotel bathroom restorations can take place during normal business hours and in a matter of days. That means you can get your rooms rented again in as little as 48 hours.

Avoid Complaints about Cleanliness

Now more than ever, customers consider online reviews when choosing where to stay for the first time. Uncleanliness is one of the biggest complaints in the hospitality industry. It happens to even the best hotels out there, especially when it comes to the bathroom. 

Imagine, guests check into the room, there’s a comfy bed, great furnishings, all the right amenities–the place is spotless, but walk into the bathroom and while clean, it still looks grimy. Mould, dirty silicone, chalky residue and cloudy shower screens all contribute to a very unclean-looking bathroom. This can be a real let-down that affects guests’ overall experience and satisfaction. Word travels fast and nothing kills a place more than bad reviews, especially about cleanliness. One way to avoid this is to make rooms as hygienic as possible. 

Now, imagine instead that guests noticed how clean the bathroom looked and smelled. It would instantly impress, making guests feel relaxed and comfortable during their stay.

When it comes to accommodation, attention to cleanliness makes all the difference. In their reviews, guests will comment on things you may not have noticed but can have a huge impact on their experience.

Remove Bad Smells in The Bathroom

Guests often note in reviews that unpleasant odours were a problem. If not cleaned right, mould and bacteria will cause bad smells in the bathroom. You might have noticed it before, it’s that dank, slightly musty smell that hangs around, even after cleaning. It can be masked with air fresheners, but once the bacteria is set in, nothing can get it back to that fresh scent of a new bathroom. Only renovation or restoration can bring back that ‘as new’ smell.

During our restorations, we use gentle but effective deep-cleaning products so you won’t be left with any fumes or harsh chemical smells, just great results. Bathroom Restoration Process

During the restoration process, we expertly clean and restore bathrooms like new again. Here’s what we specialise in:

1. Glass cleaning for splashbacks, mirrors and doors

Glass is restored by dissolving contaminates or polishing the surface to get it sparkling clean.

2. Tile and grout cleaning

Hygienic and essential to give that clean, fresh look while preventing dirt from being able to soak in.

3. Stain removal services

We specialise in removing those impossible to remove stains.

4. Recolouring and sealing services 

Vital to protect against water damage.

5. Remove and install silicone

Guaranteed to provide years of protection against mould and fungus.

6. Restore natural stone to its original shine 

We use a diamond grind technique to smooth the surface, and Aquamix sealers for a polished finish making ongoing cleaning easier.

Our experience and equipment allow us to achieve great results at a reasonable price. Best of all, we keep your original fixtures and fittings, meaning less mess, inconvenience and expense than a renovation.

tile cleaning & sealing

Save Money on Future Cleaning

We know that cleaning, and keeping on top of grime and mould is a never-ending process. That’s why we recommend booking a maintenance service. This will make ongoing cleaning easier, ensuring the bathrooms remain spotless for guests while saving you money on future cleaning. 

Here at Canny Surface Solutions, we restore and rejuvenate your existing fixtures and fittings giving you that new look for a fraction of the cost of renovation–in less than 48 hours. While scheduling our maintenance service will ensure your bathrooms remain sparkling clean. Contact us for a free assessment and discover what results we can get for you.

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