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A Canny Miracle – Looking So Good After Looking So Bad!

Sharon Ballance of Khandallah owns a ‘character’ house built in the early 70’s with Italian marble bathrooms – one green and the other terracotta. She says that although the showers looked cool with amazing quality, the marble and glass was badly water-stained.

In her own words…

“It didn’t matter what we did in the way of cleaning. Nothing made any difference. Replacement wasn’t feasible because of the cost and not being able to find anything to match the unique character of the house. We couldn’t find anyone to help, although we did get a guy in ten years ago to look at the showers but he said it was ‘too hard’ to restore them with the equipment he had.”

Tiles And Metalwork Can Be Restored

“By fluke we came across Cameron. I was doubtful that anything could be done, and said to him “I’m not sure you’ll be able to fix this. We were surprised to hear him say that the tiles and metalwork could be restored like brand-new, and the glass made much better. We appreciated him being realistic and honest about the practical limitations.

He explained to us his ‘deep cleaning’ methods including the diamond grinder that doesn’t damage surfaces, and the protective coatings to preserve the as-new finish. He only proposed the work that was actually needed and no more – a cleanup of one shower and complete restoration of the other.

We found Cameron to be a nice guy of good humour and easy to have around the house, unlike some tradies. He proved to be very professional, tidy, and super organised. He got stuck in for two days. It looked to us like a terrible job and very hard work, but guessed it must be rewarding for him to see the difference it would make. It seemed like a lot of work for the money we were paying him.”

The Restoration Process

The complete shower restoration involved the following steps…

Firstly all the mouldy silicon, water staining, and lime scale were removed.  Then the chrome and glass were cleaned with an electric polisher, diamond rotary pads, and water spot remover.

Aqua Mix EffEx™ was applied to give a deep clean to the natural stone and grout to remove limescale, soap scum, and mineral build up. Etching on the natural stone was removed using Diamond pads in a 3-step polishing process, restoring the original shine.

Aqua Mix Enrich’N’Seal™ was used to enhance and protect the unique character of the natural stone. It also sealed and darkened grout joints, providing maximum stain protection.

The glass surfaces were then treated with ClearShield protective coating for maximum stain resistance and easier ongoing maintenance. The last touch was a new silicone coating to make the bathroom look fresh and new.

The cleanup of the other shower only involved restoring the glass, cleaning the chrome and sealing it.

The Stunning Outcome

“When we looked at the showers after he finished we were abolutely stunned. OMG! How could it look so good after looking so bad! ‘You’re a miracle worker’. It was so good to see the original glory restored and get really helpful advice on how to keep the showers in good shape.

The cost benefit of the work was massive – maybe less than 10% of the cost of replacement, if that was even possible. We couldn’t be happier with the result. It was way better than we could have hoped.  We can’t speak highly enough of  Cameron and would recommend Canny to anyone.  The next project is our pool!”   Sharon

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