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“I have brought a house and the bathroom needs a full professional clean to make it like new again”
– Dominique (Client)


This case study is for a Wellington client that requested the following services:

  1. Shower Glass Cleaning: Remove mineral build-up and hard water stains from shower glass and chrome surfaces in the bathroom. 
  2. Shower Glass Protection: Apply a protective coating to shower glass. 
  3. Tiles & Grout Cleaning: Deep clean and remove stains from tiles and grout in the bathroom to improve hygiene and its appearance
  4. Silicone Replacement: Remove and replace the mouldy silicone in the bathroom to improve its appearance.
  5. Grout Sealing & Protection: Apply colourseal to grout joints to improve its appearance

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“I needed help cleaning the tiled bathroom in my new house!”

Dominique and her partner moved into their new house in Wellington at Christmas time. The first thing they wanted to do to their new home was to fix up the very tired bathroom.  “It’s a small bathroom, fully tiled walls, shower and floor. The grout looked a little old and grey and also had what looked like mould”. 

How Dominique found the best cleaner!

Dominique thought that she needed to get the bathroom all re-grouted, and not knowing what to do, she searched around on google for ‘grout replacement’ and ‘grout cleaner’ and was delighted to find the Canny Surface Solutions website.

“Canny were very easy to get hold of and they came and gave us a quote with no obligations. They quoted for a deep clean of all the tiles, re-doing the glass, a deep clean of all the grout, repainting the grout & replacing the silicon”

What was done:

  1. Removal of the mineral build-up and staining from shower glass and chrome surfaces and application of a protective coating to the glass.
  2. Deep cleaning of tiles and grout in the bathroom to remove staining and improve its appearance.
  3. Removed & replaced the mouldy silicone in the bathroom to improve its appearance.
  4. Colourseal applied to all the grout joints to improve its appearance. 

Dominique saved time and money!

Dominique thought it was interesting that Canny didn’t want to remove the grout because it was in reasonable condition and the process of removing old grout could possibly chip the tiles. Canny thought the bathroom was in good condition and only a simple spruce up with a deep clean & paint was all that was needed.

The process didn’t take long at all – only 1 day

 “Canny arrived and did it all in one day and it looked amazing! Like a new bathroom! We couldn’t use the shower for 24 hours afterward to allow the protective coating applied to the surfaces (tiles, grout, shower glass & chrome) to fully dry and cure – but that was ok as we could still use the toilet.”

Dominique was very pleased with the results!

“We are very pleased as it really looks like a new bathroom! It’s added so much value as we were thinking we would have to get a whole new bathroom. Canny are really lovely to deal with – it’s nice having good, polite and respectful tradespeople coming into your home. I look at the photos before, and think – how could I have lived with that?”

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