CASE STUDY #7: Natalia – Shower Glass, Silicon, Stone, Tiles & Grout Cleaning in Vogeltown, Wellington

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” We hired a cleaning company to clean the bathrooms. But they couldn’t remove all the stains. So we called Canny” – Natalia (Client)


This case study is for a Wellington client that requested the following services:

  1. Shower Glass Cleaning: Remove mineral build-up and hard water stains from shower glass and chrome surfaces in the bathrooms. 
  2. Shower Glass Protection: Apply a protective coating to shower glass. 
  3. Tiles & Grout Cleaning: Deep clean and remove stains from tiles and grout in the bathrooms to improve hygiene and appearance.
  4. Silicone Replacement: Remove and replace mouldy silicone in the bathrooms to improve appearance.
  5. Grout Sealing & Protection: Apply a colourseal to grout joints to improve appearance.
  6. Floor Tiles Cleaning: Deep clean floor tiles to remove dirt and stains.
  7. Floor Tile Protection: Apply penetrating sealer to improve floor tile appearance.
  8. Natural Stone Restoration: Remove stains from natural stone tiles and apply enhancing sealer.

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Bathroom Renovation – Natural Stone Tiles & Shower Glass

Natalia Reed and her husband from Vogeltown, Wellington, own a lovely 1950’s, 2 story, brick and weatherboard home. Having previously been a rental, the whole house was in desperate need of a ‘step by step’ renovation to restore it to its former glory. The 3 bathrooms, guest toilet and natural stone floor and wall tiles in the bathrooms and downstairs hall – were the final step in their total renovation process.

‘We bought the house after it had been a rental. It had been a bit neglected and not really been cleaned properly. We decorated everything inside, repainted, pulled the carpets and got a cleaning company to clean the bathrooms and they did it as well as they could… but all those stains… like from the soap stayed there and were quite annoying”.

I needed an expert to get results

After failed attempts to clean the tiles & glass herself, even after hiring another professional cleaning company, Natalia felt she needed someone with real expertise in natural stone restoration and glass restoration to make them look new again. She searched on the internet and discovered Canny Surface Solutions.

“Dealing with Canny was easy. I sent a request on his website and they came back to me straight away and organised a time for an appointment. They were very thorough, made suggestions and gave us a quote”

“The specialist from Canny is very nice. He’s very patient and takes time to show and explain things. He’s got such a lovely personality, very respectful and lovely to deal with”

“The final prices were exactly what he quoted for“

Natalie had her dirty floor tiles deep cleaned in her whole house to remove staining and to improve their appearance. A penetrating sealer was applied to keep them that way. 

The mineral build-up and staining on the shower glass and chrome surfaces were removed and a protective coating applied to the glass. Mouldy silicone was removed and replaced in 1 of the bathrooms to improve its appearance.

The Results – “110% Satisfaction!”

“The thing that I was most impressed with was the glass and how that build-up came off, all clear – that was fantastic. Also, the product that Canny gave me to use is really taking such good care of it. When you have three children you can’t get them to wipe down the glass after each shower. But using the product Canny gave me every 3-4 weeks, it does really clean it up and it stays like new”

“The natural stone tiles, when he cleaned them, they looked perfect and looked like new. They were very nice tiles so I didn’t have to go to the expense of getting new ones”. Canny also gave me some product to look after them and I now understand how to maintain them”

Natalia said it didn’t take long to get the work done – only a day and a half. It was very convenient for her and hardly any disruption to her busy household.

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