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Clear Glass is everything when you are the Wellington Airport Control Tower

The Wellington Control Tower controls all air movements across 30 million square kilometres of airspace across New Zealand and the Pacific, handling over 1 million air traffic movements a year.  In 2017 Canny Surface Solutions were contracted by Woods Glass of Auckland to help complete the build of the new leaning Wellington Control Tower.

With the harsh windy, seaside environment of the airport, corrosion of the 93.2m2 glass of the building was a real issue. The glass would quickly degrade and with sea spray contamination bonding to the glass visions would have been quickly compromised. The maintenance of the 16 glass panes would have been an expensive and inconvenient ongoing issue. The architects specified a triple coat of Clearshield for each glass panel for maximum protection from staining and discolouration ensuring the glass performed like new for longer

Despite the colossal size of the 16 panes of glass, the Clearshield treatment needed to be applied in one day, ready for installation. 

Chris Batie at Woods Glass handed over his entire factory to Cameron and his team for the day and once the treatment was completed the glass was lifted into position on the Control Tower.

Chris says, “the Wellington Control Tower now have complete peace of mind that their tower is fully protected from the environment and have maximum clarity of vision always. It was an unusual and very specialised environment to work in and Cameron did an excellent job keeping us informed throughout the job. Since then we have been able to use Canny Surface Solution on other excellent projects as well.”

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