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First Impressions Count! Let us help make sure it’s a good one.

We know how much time, effort and money that you invest in your property to create the best impression you can. With presentation becoming ever more important for every company, it’s important that your business puts a strong emphasis on creating a place where your visitors delight in staying and people love to work, meet and return to.

We realise you need minimum disruption during working hours. So, to reduce problems for your staff or customers and minimise interruptions, we’ll always try to schedule our work during appropriate times.

Maintaining a building is far from easy. Anything but. Why spend your valuable time dealing with areas your staff struggle with when we can take care of them for you?

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Surface Protection & Restoration Services:

We offer a wide range of surface restoration, protection and maintenance services for glass, tiles, natural stone, grout and metal surfaces, for both residential and commercial customers. Our specialised services will leave your hard surfaces ‘looking just like new for less’.

We guarantee our work. All surfaces that receive the Canny treatment will need less maintenance and stay clean for up to ten years. Your investment will have a quick payback.

Hotels, Motels & Accommodation Providers

Owning a hotel, motel, vacation rental or even a small B&B requires a lot of hard work, time and energy. You take pride in your property and the facilities you offer and want guests to feel special as soon as they arrive. That means keeping everything in tip top shape.

One of the main areas that can influence customers’ overall experience is the bathroom. While it might be viewed as an afterthought, guests want a comfort level above what they have in their own home.

At some point, all properties begin to look old and dated. Hotel bathrooms are especially prone to showing their age which can make the room as a whole feel unclean. That’s the point when the bathroom needs some serious attention, this is where Canny comes in. Canny can help maintain and restore all of the bathroom surfaces in your premises.

Property Managers & Real Estate.

The easiest way to have your properties bathroom looking the best is with a good quality bathroom restoration, it is a cost effective way to see worthwhile returns. But when looking to remodel a bathroom to increase property value, the emphasis is on ‘quality’.

Naturally its a job that homeowners dread, having to spend hours cleaning when the chances of getting the results they want are not guaranteed. It can be tempting to take shortcuts just to get something done or save money. But getting the job done right, and spending a little money will add more value in the long run. 

Professional bathroom restorations are: cheaper than a renovation, much less hassle than DIY, a stress free way to get a bathroom sale ready and increase a properties value.

Commercial Buildings

Glass is beautiful, functional and versatile; specified by architects, designers and developers, it lets in light, promises clear vision and is easy to clean.

Wonderful as it is however, glass does have some disadvantages. Just as unprotected metal rusts, unprotected glass degrades. Atmospheric pollution, corrosion from humidity and other contaminants such as metal oxides, limescale and construction materials reduce the glass’ visibility and ruins its appearance. Cleaning costs escalate as time goes on and glass ages.

The ClearShield system is a unique ‘non-stick’ surface technology that provides unrivaled benefits wherever glass is specified.

When first impressions count it’s important to ensure your exterior glass is always looking pristine. Unprotected glass easily stains and cleaning the build-up of dirt becomes a nightmare. Unclean glass spoils the general appearance.

Tiles and Grout when new can be the difference between the WOW factor or not. They don’t stay looking like new for long though and as the tile surfaces become scratched and dulled from daily abrasion creating micro hiding placesfor dirt, oils, and bacteria. The condition worsens in a short amount of time and creates an unacceptable floor or wall that cannot be cleaned by usual methods.

Modern ceramic tile flooring creates further problems. The tile surfaces have more texture than ever before making mopping less effective. Also, more noticeable and problematic, the grout between the tiles has even more texture to trap dirt residue left by mopping.

Commercial Case Studies

Canny Case Studies Featured Client Wellington Control Tower

CASE STUDY #2 – Wellington Control Tower

The Wellington Control Tower controls all air movements across 30 million square kilometres of airspace across New Zealand and the Pacific, handling over 1 million air traffic movements a year.

Recent Reviews

Testimonial Tina Bathroom Glass

Tina – Pinehaven

It’s easy to look after the glass on the shower doors and it always sparkles with the sun coming into the room via skylight.

Testimonial - Brad Tawa Bathroom Glass

Brad – Tawa

This product is awesome, on a job with two heavily contaminated glass shower doors, that other product on the consumer market would restore as successfully as ClearShield.

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