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Has your Stainless Steel started to display signs of aging?

Due to its modern and attractive appearance, stainless steel is widely used in buildings, both inside and outside. It is also used in places where there are strict hygiene requirements, such as in the hospitality and health care sectors.

Unfortunately, stainless steel is susceptible to climatic conditions (sea breezes in particular) or iron particles from nearby railways (causing flash or surface rust).

Stainless steel is also ‘maintenance sensitive’, because stains, streaks and fingerprints are difficult to remove. Such marks disfigure the appearance of the material

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How to CLEAN, RESTORE & PROTECT your Stainless Steel Surfaces?

Metal fame work and panels on exteriors of buildings look great and are easy to keep clean when new. Over time with exposure to weathering and chemical attack they lose their appeal and become very difficult to keep clean.

We have years of experience in cleaning, renovating and protecting these fragile materials. The RiteCoat R625 System™ will remove damage caused by pollution and the weathering of powder coated steel and aluminium. Once applied it restores the powder coating back to its original appearance. A durable protective layer then prevents the surface from being quickly re-affected. Treatment with Rite Coat R625® prevents rust and keeps the surface cleaner for longer. The smooth finish allows for quick cleaning and less maintenance. This not only saves on maintenance costs, but it is also less damaging to the environment.

Ritecoat is an innovative ‘non-stick’ solution that makes stainless steel truly stain less! Ritecoat provides unbeatable protection for stainless steel, powder-coated and anodised aluminium surfaces.

Restore – Existing surfaces can be restored on-site by our technical specialists back to their original glory before this unique treatment is applied.

Protect – Ritecoat is a protective thin film that creates durable ‘non-stick’ performance.

Maintain – Protected surfaces are easier to maintain and eliminates the need for harsh graffiti removers or acids for cleaning.

Stainless Steel Case Studies

Canny Case Studies Featured Client Canny Miracles

CASE STUDY #1 – Character House – Bathroom Makeover

Sharon Ballance of Khandallah owns a ‘character’ house built in the early 70’s with Italian marble bathrooms – one green and the other terracotta.

Recent Reviews

Testimonial Tina Bathroom Glass
Tina – Pinehaven

It’s easy to look after the glass on the shower doors and it always sparkles with the sun coming into the room via skylight.

Testimonial Belinda Bathroom Glass

Belinda – Wellington

I saved thousands of dollars! Canny made my shower look brand new again. It’s unbelievable! I love every time I go into the shower!

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