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Professional Residential Restoration Services

Canny offers a comprehensive range of residential services, to give your house a face lift, if you are preparing to sell or even if you have just bought.

Our residential restoration services can help you restore your bathroom surfaces including showers, baths, tiles and grout, silicone and even chrome fittings. So no matter if you are a homeowner who has just bought, looking to sell or you just need a face lift, give Canny a call.

Face Lift (Staying Put)

Is your bathroom looking a bit tired and in need of a face lift? Why not give it a spruce up with a touch of Canny magic. Get that like new look with a bathroom makeover package. The cost of restoration can is a fraction of the cost of replacement. Your old tired looking surfaces can be restored to be looking near new!

One of our Canny restoration packages could be right for you, get in touch and ask our expert team about our packages.

Preparing to Sell

After the kitchen one of the main areas known to increase house value is the bathroom. It can make a big difference to the sale price of any property. The cost of a renovation can staggering, but the cost of a bathroom makeover package from Canny is significantly less.

Get in touch and ask us about one of our restoration packages and which one is right for your property.

Just Bought

When buying a new property it is a common sight in many bathrooms that an otherwise clean area spoiled by the appearance of a whitish chalky firm that covers shower screens, bathtubs and bathroom sinks. While your bathroom might actually be clean, it still looks grubby. Get a bathroom makeover package and restore it to its former glory on a budget!

Canny are Wellingtons leading experts in professional surface cleaning and restoration. We restore surfaces that other cleaners can’t. 100% Money back guarantee.

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