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Our shower resealing/re-grouting service will stop leaking showers and shower leaks at the source. Through our multistep process, we can not only stop your shower from leaking, but we can also make your surfaces look immaculate at the same time.

1). Product Preparation

We remove your existing floor tile grout & prepare all wall tile and floor tile junctions along with any vertical internal junctions including vertical and horizontal hob and wall tile junctions using specially engineered diamond burs. This process ensures a clean product bond to the tile, instead of just surface adhesion.

2). Epoxy Application

Epoxy Grout will be applied to the prepared tile joints and internal junctions. The epoxy grout has been specifically designed for wet area sealing and has the strength to withstand normal building movement. It will not crack, deteriorate or let water penetrate through the junctions. It does not dissolve and is not weakened by strong chemical cleaning agents.

3). Seal Internal of Waste

Generally the grate is not mechanically connected to the waste riser and the sand & cement screed is evident once the grate is removed. This also allows capillary action of waste water through the screed underneath the tiles. An epoxy sleeve with be applied to tis screed preventing further capillary action.

4). Wall Grout

The full shower regrout service involves the removal of your existing wall grout from top of shower screen down to the floor tiles. Removal of the existing wall grout using engineered diamond tool to a depth of half the tile joint width ensures superior bonding and mould protection over the more widely used refacing method. The shower walls age regrouted with a smooth, flexible, mould-resistant waterproof polymer grout.

5). Reseal Shower Screen Base

The shower floor area is regrouted up to the internal of the shower screen. Your existing sealant to the bottom of the screen where it sits on top of the floor tiles will be remover prior to epoxy regrouting and new mould inhabitant sealant applied once regrouted.

6). Vertical Internal Corner

The vertical internal wall & wall comer will be prepared and new polymer sealant applied.

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