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Old-looking and loose silicone sealant. What’s causing silicone (also known as caulking) to look bad?

Bad installation and low quality products can make silicone sealant look worn and dirty. Silicon discolouration and staining can ruin your kitchen or bathrooms otherwise smooth and seamless look. Along with cleaning your tile and grout, silicone replacement is a must to restore the original pristine condition

High-quality silicone replacement

Canny Surface Solutions can help remove your old silicone and install high-quality siliconized acrylic caulks that can prevent mold and fungus. It is guaranteed to provide years of protection to all your:

  • Bathtubs
  • Showers
  • Sinks
  • Toilets
  • Vanities
  • Tiled areas
  • Countertops
  • And other areas that needs to be watertight

NEW!  – Colored silicone to match your style!

Maintain a clean and healthy kitchen while achieving your own personalised style. Our silicone replacement products are available in a wide range of colours which are guaranteed to provide a watertight seal and brand new appearance.

We are Wellington’s premier silicon experts with years of professional experience. Our staff are fully trained and can make your silicon (caulking) replacement simple. We are excited to help bring your bathroom, kitchen or tile floors back in its glory!

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Silicone Replacement Case Studies

Canny Case Studies Featured Client Canny Miracles

CASE STUDY #8: Trish – Shower Glass, Silicon, Tiles & Grout Cleaning in Wellington

Silicone Replacement: Remove and replace mouldy silicone in the bathrooms to improve appearance.

Recent Reviews

Testimonial Tina Bathroom Glass
Tina – Pinehaven

It’s easy to look after the glass on the shower doors and it always sparkles with the sun coming into the room via skylight.

Testimonial Belinda Bathroom Glass

Belinda – Wellington

I saved thousands of dollars! Canny made my shower look brand new again. It’s unbelievable! I love every time I go into the shower!

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