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Tough to clean stained grout. Is grout replacement necessary?

When your grout discoloration and staining becomes too difficult to clean, re-grouting is your best option to revitalize your bathroom or shower floors. 

Tile regrouting specialists

Modern ceramic tile flooring creates further problems. The tile surfaces have more texture than ever before making mopping less effective. Also, more noticeable and problematic, the grout between the tiles has even more texture to trap dirt residue left by mopping.

Canny Surface Solutions is a team of experienced and skilled cleaning professionals that utilise specialised tools to thoroughly remove all old grout – without damaging the tiles. We then apply fresh and new grout for the perfect finish. You will be surprised to see how tile regrouting can help restore your shower’s pristine and squeaky clean look!

There are a number of reasons why you should consider our grout replacement over ordinary cleaning or full tile replacement including:

  • Your shower will look 100% clean, free of dirt and mold!
  • You will save more money as tile replacement would be alot expensive and time-consuming!
  • Grout replacement followed by sealing will prevent further damage-causing mold.
  • Re-grouting your shower can extend the life of the tile.
  • Newly replaced tile grout is free of lurking bacteria that can lead to severe health issues.

Canny Surface Solutions is Wellington’s leading tile regrouting service provider.

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Grout Replacement (Re-grouting) Case Studies

Canny Case Studies Featured Client Canny Miracles

CASE STUDY #1 – Character House – Bathroom Makeover

Sharon Ballance of Khandallah owns a ‘character’ house built in the early 70’s with Italian marble bathrooms – one green and the other terracotta.

Recent Reviews

Testimonial Tina Bathroom Glass
Tina – Pinehaven

It’s easy to look after the glass on the shower doors and it always sparkles with the sun coming into the room via skylight.

Testimonial Belinda Bathroom Glass

Belinda – Wellington

I saved thousands of dollars! Canny made my shower look brand new again. It’s unbelievable! I love every time I go into the shower!

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