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Grimy and unhygienic tiles? Do you need professional tile cleaning?

Have you been carefully and painstakingly cleaning your tiles, but despite your best efforts you are now wondering why it’s still becoming dingy, stained and even moldy? We know the answer.

Tiles can soak up liquid like a sponge. Your showers, for example, are full of contaminants from soap, grease, and oil residue from your toiletry products. This accumulates over time and as a result mold can grow and expand. Not only does this cause the floor to look dirty but it can also create extensive damage to your tiles if left untreated.

Tile cleaning professionals in Wellington

Cleaning tiles and grouting is one of our favorite jobs and being an expert in Wellington, Canny Surface Solutions can help to bring your tiles back to life and keep them looking fresh and new.. We don’t use harsh chemicals or loud machinery. Our methods are hard on dirt but gentle on your tiles.

We pride ourselves on the products we use. Our tile sealers are the best, they create a barrier to resist stains and mold from coming back again and again.

Our trained specialists will also provide helpful care instructions and tips on how to clean floor tiles, keeping them looking fresh and new long after we’ve restored them. Click below so we can provide a free, no-obligation cleaning demo for your tile and grout problems.

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Tiles & Grout Case Studies

Canny Case Studies Featured Client Canny Miracles

CASE STUDY #1 – Character House – Bathroom Makeover

Sharon Ballance of Khandallah owns a ‘character’ house built in the early 70’s with Italian marble bathrooms – one green and the other terracotta.

Recent Reviews

Testimonial Tina Bathroom Glass
Tina – Pinehaven

It’s easy to look after the glass on the shower doors and it always sparkles with the sun coming into the room via skylight.

Testimonial Belinda Bathroom Glass

Belinda – Wellington

I saved thousands of dollars! Canny made my shower look brand new again. It’s unbelievable! I love every time I go into the shower!

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