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My floor tiles are cracked. What should I do?

Those cracks and empty spaces caused by chips are definitely ugly. They expose parts of the inner layers of the wall or floor. Unfortunately, there’s no quick solution to prevent the damage that can occur if water gets under the tiles or even the insulation wall. The best solution is to replace those tiles as soon as possible to stop any additional damage.

Why do my tiles break?

Wellington’s humidity and weather conditions can be a cause of natural expansion and contraction. Our skilled staff utilise flooring joints and angles to allow flexibility preventing tile breakage.

Canny Surface Solutions provides a tile replacement service for homeowners in Wellington. We assess the cause of why your tiles have broken in the first place and then offer competitive pricing to replace the tiles.

Certified tile replacement professionals

Our tile replacement experts are New Zealand certified as tile and grout restorers. We efficiently and effectively use our high-quality and proprietary products that can prevent cracks and damage from happening again in the future.
If you need tiles replaced in no time, give us a call by click the button below. We will give you a free, no-obligation assessment of your tiles and grouting needs.

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